A family-of-five who live in a tiny two-bedroom house with their autistic son called in the help of the volunteers to help create a spacious area for him to play and develop in DIY SOS.

Tonight's episode of the BBC One show focused on the Taylor Mann family, from Greater Manchester, who struggle to sleep due to their restricted living arrangements. 

Heather, a part-time psychology student, and Martin, a custody office for Greater Manchester police, look after their eldest son William, who is severely autistic and extremely sensitive to all kinds of stimulation, particularly noise - and is in need of his own space. 

Meanwhile, their two younger daughters Scarlett and Penelope do not have their own bedrooms - with Scarlett often sleeping in with her brother, while Penelope, a toddler, sleeps in with her parents.

Father-of-three Martin Taylor-Mann, of Greater Manchester, was reduced to tears by the work of the DIY SOS volunteers on tonight's episode of the BBC One show. Pictured: Martin with his autistic son, William 

The team of volunteers and skilled workers renovated the house and extended it to offer the family more space

Before (pictured), the family-of-five shared a cramped two-bedroom house with little space for all of their children

The family explained how they spent every penny on their house and now feel stuck, as they are unable to afford to move into a more spacious house. 

But Heather and Martin were moved to tears by the dedicated work of the volunteer builders who had just nine days to completely transform their house. 

Renovations included the addition of two extensions, as well as the remodelling of the upstairs area to include three bedrooms and a bathroom.  





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And the family cried tears of happiness when the revamped and newly spacious house was unveiled. 

'It means so much to us,' said an emotional Martin. 'You've changed our little boy's life. I'll forever be so grateful to all of you.' 

'It's amazing what you've done for us, so thank you.'

Martin could not contain his emotions as the family stepped outside to thank the team of builders for their hard work. Pictured with William

Mother-of-three Heather beamed as she stood with daughter Scarlett (left) and Penelope (right) 

Thanks to the volunteers, William now has his own space - complete with soft floor and a wardrobe adorned with the letter of his name

Father Martin was deeply touched after he heard what the team of volunteers were going to provide for his family at the beginning of the episode 

The heartwarming moment also reduced some of the volunteers to tears as they received the gratitude of the Taylor-Mann family. 

'We just hope we're in a position one day to pay you back,' Heather said.    

Before the work began, the family struggled to find their footing in a house they had all outgrown. 

William was diagnosed with autism before he reached three-years-old - an early diagnosis which left his parents 'devastated.'  

'I think because it was so quick, it was a massive shock,' Heather explained. 'It was like grief, realising that the dreams you have for your child is not going to be a reality.'

Martin added: 'You've always got massive ambitions for your son and you know it's not going to be like that.'  

The most essential part of the renovation plans centered on giving William his own space.     

'We want him to reach his potential whatever it's going to be,' explained Martin. 

Scarlett, who helped look after her brother, was delighted she now has her own bedroom to do her homework and relax in

Heather and Martin (pictured) could not believe their eyes when they saw the changes to their living room, which now features an open plan kitchen

The beautiful living area was extended in order to give the family more space to be together (pictured) 

Due to William's condition, bedtime was always a stressful time for the family, as his cries would wake up his sisters. 

No one in the family was getting enough sleep, and with growing children, the matter was only growing worse. 

'He doesn't understand everything that we say, but he clearly has thoughts, he just doesn't have a way to express them,' Heather explained. 

She went on to say that William's inability to express himself had led him to self-harm and to harm others in the past.   

But for Heather, the hardest thing about her child's diagnosis was not being able to hear his voice, as William isn't able to speak.  

She explained that while he can now express himself with a smart tablet, and can understand her words, the tablet's function was too limited to see her son through adulthood. 

At the end of the episode, presenter Nick Knowles gifted the family with a smart tablet with a state of the art communication system to help William's development, which again, touched his parents.

Heather and Martin (pictured) were reduced to tears by the renovations to their house, which gave each of their children a place of their own 

Heather and Martin now have a beautiful master bedroom on the top floor of the house, which they said they loved 

The family's youngest child, Penelope, who didn't have her own room before, now has one thanks to the volunteers

The team of volunteers were brought to tears by the thanks of Heather and Martin, who were deeply touched by their work 

Mother Heather explained she longed to hear her son's voice. William has never spoken a word due to his autism

'I can't wait to hear what he's going to say first,' a deeply moved Heather said. 

The volunteers built two extension to the house in order to give William his own room on the ground floor. 

Before, the young boy could not be left upstairs by himself because he would try to jump out of the window. 

Thanks to another extension, the team extended the family's cramped living room to include an open plan kitchen and a utility room and bathroom on the ground floor. 

Upstairs, taman the team created three different bedrooms - one for Martin and Heather, one for Scarlett and one for Penelope - so that every member of the family could have their own space.   

The team also strengthened the noise resistance of the top part of the house so that the girls could escape their older brother's screams.    

The team also renovated the garden so that the family could enjoy some quality time together outside 

Volunteers used timber-framed extension and partitions in order to bring more space to the house 
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